26 Nov 2014

Tenants and the Western Whereabouts

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“Finally!” some might cry out in relief. One of the most promising bands in Denmark these days, Magnolia Shoals, is about to release their debut album. In February 2015 the growing crowd of followers scattered around Europe can add nine new songs to the already cult hits “Looking for Love in Mengele” and “I Will Roam Again” from the 2011 EP ‘Life Danced in the Flesh’, when the band’s first full studio album ‘Tenants’ is released.

22 Aug 2014

Side Effects of the Danish summer 2014

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The summer in in Scandinavia is running out. But looking back at what was probably the most warm and sunny summer in the past couple of decades one thing sticks out. The collaboration between two of Denmark’s most prominent young contemporary singer-songwriters and the EP that followed their joint-venture.

25 Mar 2014

Carpark North – Flying Phoenix of DK

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Even though the bandmembers of the Danish electro-rock trio Carpark North, Lau Hojen, Soren Balsner and Morten Thorhauge are only in their early thirties, they’re slowly turning into well-established veterans on the stage. Currently the band is touring Denmark with their new album ‘Phoenix’ – and as usual the band conducts their gigs as if it were their last.

3 Mar 2014

New Penguin album – with old songs

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How often do you come across an entire album of songs that never were meant to be released? Well, here is one – Danish pop band Nice Little Penguins presents ‘Songs – that didn’t make it’. A collection of 15 “old” songs hand-picked by the band members.

16 Feb 2014

Apian: seriously breathless

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On January 20th 2014 ‘Apian’ released the song ‘Breathless’. It was followed by a video featuring the artist symbolically wandering around the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art north of Copenhagen. Maybe seeking a bit of sanctuary at the internationally renowned museum from the numbing brutality in the surrounding world, Apian here explains the inspiration for ‘Breathless’.

20 Dec 2013

Gaudete, Gaudete! Erasure est natus

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We are not short of album-releases containing more or less repetitive nonsense around Christmas. But there is always one, that sticks out – a diamond in the rough, a star that shines through the otherwise overclouded sky of glossy advertisement. Right?
We (at Latebar) are not reluctant to declare Erasure’s album ‘Snow Globe’ that star. This is the Christmas album of 2013.

1 Jul 2013

Hurts live from Glastonbury 2013

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Just at quick intermission from us here at the Latebar. Especially for all of you synthpop Hurts-fans out there. The full 2013-gig @ Glastonbury is now online. It is definitely worth spending an hour on, as it is well produced and ditto well played.

28 Mar 2013

Morten Abel far from Lost

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Latebar was ALSO created to promote Scandinavian bands and musicians we personally find interesting and worth sharing with the world. But we regretfully admit, we’ve probably neglected that a bit. But here’s something any pop-rock lover really should spend a minute on. Check out Morten Abel!

21 Mar 2013

New Simple Minds-channel on YouTube

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The blessed Scottish outfit, Simple Minds, has just launched a new YouTube-channel, SimpleMindsVideo, which we strongly advise any true fan to give a closer inspection. The channel is already well supplied with many of the old videos and – more importantly – lots of fan-pleasing behind-the-scenes stuff and new interviews.

10 Jan 2013

Hurts back on The Road

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With a short Facebook note specifically aimed at its growing crowd of Danish fans the British duo recently announced a release date of a new album – ‘Exile’. Listening to the first two burps from the album, Hurts travels down a slightly darker ‘Road’ this time.

27 Sep 2012

Ei8ht – Kershaw to infinity and beyond

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Since August 6, 2012, we have been listening carefully to the new studio album ‘Ei8ht’ by British virtuoso, Nik Kershaw. Stunned by the brightness of this arguably most well-written harmonic Kershaw-album to this date, we simply didn’t know what to write… Until now!

17 Aug 2012

Alarmingly Happy Penguins back to base

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Danish pop veterans Nice Little Penguins are back – arguably better than ever. Cutting straight to the chase – here is why Latebar is thrilled to recommend the band’s sixth studio album ‘Alarmingly Happy’ to fans worldwide. A publication surely aimed at people with a weak spot for immaculate pop played with real instruments by real musicians.