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    Latebar’s preferred new albums in 2020

    What a horrible year! What a horrible time for music, musicians and artists in general. So many events cancelled and so many albums delayed and their launches impeded. Luckily, most found a way through, and at Latebar we have been listening carefully all through the year and found a few publications worth promoting. So buckle up, Dorothy!

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    Rare Nik Kershaw songs pop up

    Being a dedicated fan of a band or artist often means you are on a ceaseless hunt to collect everything ever published by your idol. I like to consider myself above and beyond such groupie-like nonsense. But... The other day something made me - a seasoned man - scream out like a hormonally imbalanced teenage girl.

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    Apian: seriously breathless

    On January 20th 2014 'Apian' released the song 'Breathless'. It was followed by a video featuring the artist symbolically wandering around the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art north of Copenhagen. Maybe seeking a bit of sanctuary at the internationally renowned museum from the numbing brutality in the surrounding world, Apian here explains the inspiration for 'Breathless'.

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    Morten Abel far from Lost

    Latebar was ALSO created to promote Scandinavian bands and musicians we personally find interesting and worth sharing with the world. But we regretfully admit, we've probably neglected that a bit. But here's something any pop-rock lover really should spend a minute on. Check out Morten Abel!

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    New Simple Minds-channel on YouTube

    The blessed Scottish outfit, Simple Minds, has just launched a new YouTube-channel, SimpleMindsVideo, which we strongly advise any true fan to give a closer inspection. The channel is already well supplied with many of the old videos and - more importantly - lots of fan-pleasing behind-the-scenes stuff and new interviews.

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    Melissa Polinar – a perfect grey Sunday soundtrack

    We realized something awful today: Latebar is fiercely dominated by male artists and bands! Wonderful boys, obviously, and we love them all equally! But we need more girls to visit the bar, so on that note, I would like to introduce you to Melissa Polinar. We came across her video “Sing to me” on YouTube, (long story, can’t be bothered accounting for the details), and immediately fell in love. All the videos on her YouTube channel have served as our feel-good soundtrack to a grey Danish Sunday, all morning and way into the afternoon, and they have assisted the cappucinos and candles in keeping us warm. She masters a mix…

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