26 Nov 2018

The Grenadines – that Band on the Radio

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The latest Danish outfit to have received positive attention by sifting a bit of folk seasoning into their songwriting is ‘The Grenadines’. On 16 November 2018 the band, currently touring the country as warm-up for fellow Danish internationals, Carpark North, released their second, and less folky, album – ‘Band On The Radio’. A collection of rich and sometimes even luscious pop/rock tunes.

29 Mar 2018

Hard-Wired Metallica Rocked the Heath

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The world’s most prominent and arguably best metal band, Metallica, visited the city of Herning, Denmark, on Tuesday. 15,000 fans in a sold-out Boxen Arena witnessed a energetic and well-prepared outfit in top form.

29 Jun 2017

Sting propelled by a Fiction Plane

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What was to be one more name on the growing list of international superstars visiting the exclusive open air venue, Molleparken, in Sonderborg, Denmark, quickly became two. British icon Sting brought with him the next generation of Sumners. His oldest son, Joe, is now an established name in this region, for sure.

10 Jun 2017

In Jelling we are all Majesties

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As always there is an abundance of impressions left after Jelling Musikfestival. Marking the beginning of festival season in Denmark it draws a lot of attention. And as always far most fully acts live up to expectations – as do the festival itself. Even the heightened security measures this year did not impede the joy for the 35,000 guests. Bravo! However, one thing will stand out as the event we at the Latebarblog will remember the 2017 festival by.

19 Jun 2016

The Jelling festival bellows of 2016

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If we are to conclude anything from the Jelling Musikfestival 2016 it could be at least three different things. First thing is about the festival’s ability to create an uniquely convenient, pleasant and all over relaxing atmosphere of any pop-rock festival in Denmark. The second is about the management’s talent for always finding one or two international names to make the otherwise little borough of Jelling stand out. The third and for Danes very important surely is – the country still produces young new talents with a capital ‘T’.

18 Apr 2016

Rare Nik Kershaw songs pop up

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Being a dedicated fan of a band or artist often means you are on a ceaseless hunt to collect everything ever published by your idol. I like to consider myself above and beyond such groupie-like nonsense. But… The other day something made me – a seasoned man – scream out like a hormonally imbalanced teenage girl.

23 Nov 2015

A Projectblack in beautiful colors

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Melodic mystical dark power-pop in bright colors. What do you call a style mixed of heavy rock guitar, electronica extend, heavenly pop melodies with a strong yet vulnerable female vocal on top?

20 May 2015

Come see Bright Sparks in Jelling

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One day away from the 27th Jelling Musikfestival and the beginning of the festival season in Denmark. We know most Danes will go only for what they already know, and thereby miss half of their ticket’s worth. So we at Latebar thought it necessary to help our fellow countrymen find new bright stars (or Sparks) in Jelling 2015.

14 Jan 2015

Seek Shelter and let the party Emerge

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This post was supposed to be about the British pop legends Erasure, their new album ‘The Violet Flame’ and their December 10th gig in Aarhus, Denmark… But though the album is the best Erasure studio-album in a decade and their performance in Aarhus was totally flawless in every aspect, we are still a bit numbed in awe of another duo. The name is ‘Shelter’ and we think it’s safe to say, they made a lasting impression in Denmark.

26 Nov 2014

Tenants and the Western Whereabouts

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“Finally!” some might cry out in relief. One of the most promising bands in Denmark these days, Magnolia Shoals, is about to release their debut album. In February 2015 the growing crowd of followers scattered around Europe can add nine new songs to the already cult hits “Looking for Love in Mengele” and “I Will Roam Again” from the 2011 EP ‘Life Danced in the Flesh’, when the band’s first full studio album ‘Tenants’ is released.

22 Aug 2014

Side Effects of the Danish summer 2014

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The summer in in Scandinavia is running out. But looking back at what was probably the most warm and sunny summer in the past couple of decades one thing sticks out. The collaboration between two of Denmark’s most prominent young contemporary singer-songwriters and the EP that followed their joint-venture.

25 Mar 2014

Carpark North – Flying Phoenix of DK

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Even though the bandmembers of the Danish electro-rock trio Carpark North, Lau Hojen, Soren Balsner and Morten Thorhauge are only in their early thirties, they’re slowly turning into well-established veterans on the stage. Currently the band is touring Denmark with their new album ‘Phoenix’ – and as usual the band conducts their gigs as if it were their last.