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Latebar’s preferred new albums in 2019

A lot of new music was published during 2019. Some publications caught our attention, some didn’t, and there is a fair chance that we missed most of it in the haze of every-day life. Here is what we gave our thumbs up to during the past year.

Meghan Trainor – ‘The Love Train
The first downbeat of 2019 was in February when American singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor published her 6-track EP ‘The Love Train’. So much pop music in the passed decade has been released by artists, having their break-through in various talent shows. But, some still work their traditional way into the often merciless music industry.

Trainor writes, sings, records and plays her own material in a very independent and convincing style. Such integrity calls for our respect – at least from this blog. ‘The Love Train’ is a wonderful set of positive and wondeful songs, and we highly recommend spending time listening. Go girl!

Meghan Trainor ft. Gary Trainor – ‘Good Mornin’

The Rembrandts – ‘Via Satellite’
Late summer is often a good time to push something new to an audience. People are returning from their holiday, rested and ready to take on another working year. Nothing works better as a motivator than good music, and not many does that better than The Rembrandts (yes, the ones behind the theme song from ‘Friends’). With their first studio album in almost 15 years, Phil and Danny are back! Thank God!

We have been missing their care-free sound of light and utterly gorgeous guitar so much, and ‘Via Satellites’ was one of the top-most-played albums on this blogger’s Spotify-account in 2019. I am sure it will be again in 2020. Let’s hope we get to see this magical duo live soon.

The Rembrandts – ‘How Far Would You Go

Sheryl Crow – ‘Threads
Another great pass-time in August was the album ‘Threads’ by American rock/blues/country singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow. The album is a compilation of duets involving a number of rock’n’roll legends such as: Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Joe Walsh and many, many more.

This is perhaps the strongest proof of Crow’s versatility and eminent skill when it comes to delivering songs played in their best version. With ‘Threads’ Sheryl Crow surely takes her place among the other legends on this truly beautiful album.

Sheryl Crow ft. Joe Walsh – ‘Still the Good Old Days

Black Star Riders – ‘Another State of Grace
In 2018 this gang of old Thin Lizzy members gave us the live surprise of the year at the Jelling Musikfestival in Denmark. The Riders blew us completely off the field and taught everybody – including the many young musicians among the audience – a class A lesson in Rock’n’Roll.

Even though the band since have had to say goodbye to iconic guitarist Damon Johnson, this new installment is quite a graceful salute to the roaring Thin Lizzy days. ‘Another State of Grace’ formed a significant soundtrack to our work life in 2019. If you love top-shelf classic Rock’n’Roll this is the album of 2019.

Black Star Riders – ‘Another State of Grace

Simply Red – ‘Blue Eyed Soul
One of the largest voices of 80’s and 90’s returned with a new album this year. Mick Hucknall and Simply Red returned with the album ‘Blue Eyed Soul’ in November, and boy if you thought funky pop was dead, you’d better think again. This album is a cornucopia of delicious songs with the signature sound of 80’s lounge, jazz, funk and pop – of Simply Red!

If you can bring only one album to the party, ‘Blue Eyed Soul’ will be the one. It covers the entire evening with upbeat and groovy dance-tracks to heartbreakingly beautiful ballads. Last I experienced Mick and the band was in 1992, shortly after Denmark won the European Cup. I say, it is due time to do a reprise.

Simply Red – ‘Thinking Of You

The Script – ‘Sunsets & Full Moons
On 8 November (same day as Simply Red released ‘Blue Eyed Soul’), Irish icons, The Script published their sixth studio album. Despite the slightly more introvert expression, some would probably argue that ‘Sunsets & Full Moons’ are just more of the same. Well, maybe so.

However, this short 9-track album makes this blogger reflect – about life, love, work, and the relations we form in life. That’s new! It surely is the first time Danny, Mark, and Glen have made us do just that. Being one of the most important outfits to come out of Dublin since U2, we think The Script came full circle with this album, why we included it here. Marvel at life’s beauty!

The Script – ‘Run Through Walls

Alter Bridge – ‘Walk the Sky
(ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2019) – This is it! We have listened to soooo much music in the past year. Fortunately, most of it has been absolutely smashing. However, looking at our track record (literally), no album was aired more at Latebar than Alter Bridge’s ‘Walk the Sky’ during 2019.

Myles Kennedy’s unequalled vocal mixed with Mark Tremonti’s guitar brilliance on this album makes this band’s sound second to absolutely none in the world right now. With ‘Walk The Sky’, the Orlando-based outfit truly advances into the Rock’n’Roll Hall-of-Fame, and surrendering to the quartet, you still have the feeling, that we have seen nothing yet. Wrapped in wonderful sound and full of energetic details, this is about as good as albums get in 2019. Sadly we missed Alter Bridge’s gig in Denmark in November. Please, come back soon. Godspeed!

Alter Bridge – Behind ‘Walk the Sky

Many other great musicians/artists enriched our lives in the past year. The overall track list of new songs at Latebar also shows names like:
The Dandy Warhols, Avril Lavigne, Madonna, Bryan Adams, Billie Eilish, The Rolling Stones, Morrissey, Rammstein, Iggy Pop, Blink-182 and many, many more.

Latebar’s Album of the Year 2019 – Alter Bridge – ‘Walk the Sky

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