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Maninal Vinyl obstructs War Child

Within a few days the new Duran Duran Bowie-cover ‘Boys keep swinging‘ has been removed from YouTube. Due to what they claim is legal rights, the deliberately locks fans out and makes sharing (and thereby spreading) of this brilliant piece of music.

The screen you often get when trying to view DD’s ‘Boys keep swinging’.

The culprit this time is LA-based Manimal Vinyl, who makes a double own goal. By NOT letting bloggers, Facebook-users, Twitters and fans et al spread the music, they hinder more knowledge of the David Bowie-tribute-album of witch the earnings go to ‘War Child‘ – a group of charity organisations helping children of war around the globe.

So thanks Manimal Vinyl for NOT working for the music
So thanks Manimal Vinyl for NOT working for the artists
So thanks Manimal Vinyl for NOT helping the children of war

I urge everybody to buy this album anyway and NOT let the children down!

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