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Duran Duran keeps on swinging

I usually don’t really fancy cover versions of old tracks. Often I find the act a newbie trying to fast track his or her way to success – ending in gastly disasters giving nothing to a new audience and leaving the old fans in agony.

Luckily there are exceptions. The recent David Bowie tribute album ‘We were so turned on‘ features a no less than excellent cover of ‘Boys keep swinging‘ by the outfit designed to make you party, Duran Duran.

And the reasons I find this good:

1) Duran Duran have their own unique sound – This cover sounds like a real Duran track.
2) This cover is made with great respect to the original piece by David Bowie.
3) This piece sounds like something that could have been a hit in 1979, when the song was originally published.
4) This piece sounds like something that could be a Top-10 hit next week.
5) The song holds this acute balance on the razor’s edge of 80’s synth and O2-arena live, that ties such a strong musical bond between then and now. It’s like the time didn’t pass anyway.
6) Nick Rhodes is one of the most gifted musical craftsmen of our time. Period! Don’t deny it, Nick.
7) And equally important – The album is for a great cause supporting ‘War Child‘.

Nick Rhodes on the Duran version of ‘Boys keep swinging’.

I’ve put in both tracks – the original (and best) Bowie version and the new (well done) Duran version. Enjoy both!

The 1979 David Bowie hit from the album ‘Lodger’.

The 2010 Duran Duran hit-to-be from tribute album ‘We were so turned on’ (nevermind about this unofficial video).

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