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Did Radiohead wrap another album in LA?

In Thursday’s update, the music blog ‘Stereogum‘ tries to figure out if Radiohead did, in fact, wrap up recordings to another album. It seems that a writer kind of crossed a line of secrecy by telling LA Times the band threw a “Wrap Party” after a longer stay in the city.

It could all be a hoax. But since LA Times quickly removed the blogpost, we’re kinda flying blindfolded. So if any of you guys out there know anything, I bet some fans would love you to share information, if you have any, either here or at the ‘Stereogum‘-website.

Meanwhile we could once again enjoy band member Thom Yorke crashing the Climate Summit in Copenhagen – undercover as a journalist. Both GristTV and The Guardian caught the “secret agent” British musician there.

Cool guy, that Thom Yorke is, right?!

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