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Falling asleep to Eurovision 2011

Eurovision 2011 DüsseldorfI never managed to guess which song would win a Eurovision Song Contest. The artists I consider innovative, creative or even brave most often never seem to catch on among the masses. I can only conclude (again) that I probably don’t fall into the ‘target group’ of audience.

So be it!

I do respect the many musicians participating in the Eurovision. But I’m puzzled they never dare to break the conventions of the dinosaur-broadcast. Why can’t a song be more than 3 minutes long? I mean most good tunes are. That almost rules out any Jazz, Blues or Classical artist and thereby some inspiration to develop the genre.

Take a look at the winner. A very handsome duo consisting of Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal outruled everybody with their swedish written and produced song ‘Running Scared’ – a song that might as well have been performed by Take That. Beautiful as it most definitely is it completely lack the ability to surprise or put new standards to the business of pop. It’s sad – because it is otherwise a good pop-tune no question.

Azerbaijan, Eldar & Nigar – ‘Running Scared’.

But they were not the only neat but uninventive bit. We already addressed the Danish contribution this year in an earlier post. Poland presented Magdalena Tul with a song called ‘Jestem‘ – a song that immediately makes you think of Britney Spears‘ ‘Womanizer‘.

Romania presented Europe to the band Hotel FM and a song called ‘Change‘. And eventhough it’s very likable, it sounds alot like something I’ve heard before.

Sweet Stella Mwangi of Norway probably seduced half of Europe with the unusually delightful afro-inspired ‘Haba, Haba‘. Only a shame half of Europe loves football and remembers Shakira‘s World Cup song ‘Waka, Waka‘.

Hungary introduced the powerful voice of Kati Wolf to the european viewers. Her song ‘What about my dreams‘ probably still make the backstage crews dance in the hallways in Düsseldorf. I on the other hand went through my collection of Cher-songs to hear more like it.

I could pick out several more examples, but to give a few examples of the opposite take a look at Loucas Yiorkas and Stereo Mike‘s ‘Watch my Dance‘. The greek delegation dared to experiment and challenge conventions. I would have given Greece my 12 points – just for the sake of trying to mix rap with greek folklore pop. It might not be the best of songs. But they dared! Well done boys, well done indeed!

Also I think France and Amaury Vassili deserves a big hand. With a opera-like voice seldom heard by anyone in the crowd, the song ‘Sognu‘ managed to challange the conventional boring sound of Eurovision’s usual pop-robot. Thumbs up to France who sadly ended in 15th place.

But apart from that… I’m sorry, I was bored stiff!

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