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Carpark North – Lost the next album

Most Danes know the electro-rock power-trio Carpark North. Formed in 1999 in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, the band entered the charts two years later, blowing the roof off concert halls and record stores with their 2002 mega hit ‘Transparent & Glasslike‘.

Three albums, several massive hits and 100s of sold out gigs later, Carpark North has finally matured enough to take over the world. A new international contract was announced early May 2010 and the band’s world debut ‘Lost‘ awaits just after the summer holidays.

Carpark North is famous in Denmark for being very communicative with its fans. Recently the band used its YouTube channel to present Soren, Lau and Morten to the world.

The band signed with notorious Sony Music. Even though Sony is a huge international label with the power to really create megastars, it must be a bit worrying news to Carpark North’s dedicated and faithful fans. Sony Music – along with EMI – has a somewhat tarnished reputation for making barriers between their artists and the fans. Most YouTube-users outside USA know booleans ending with ‘Sorry, you’re not allowed to view this video in your country’ – a result of the music industry’s hopelessly oldschool approach to social media.

The day that I’m not allowed to view a Carpark North video AND embed it to this blog with praising words, organic manure will be finding its way to the Sony Music HQ.

Anyway, let’s hope it never ends there 🙂

First video from the international debut album ‘Lost’ has just been released. ‘Just human’ was actually released earlier in Denmark under the title ‘Human’, featured on Carpark’s 2005 album ‘All things to all people’.

(Congrats to director Martin de Thurah – a job well done)

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– Buy first three albums at iMusic


  • Joona Nuutinen

    I found “Just Human” on Spotify and wondered why it was re-released under a different name? The new version lacks the power of the original. Not appreciated.

    My first thought was, that this must be a decision by a big record company. And after brief googling I found out that they’d actually signed for Sony Music. How typical!

    I just hope the album will feature NEW tracks instead of recycling old hits. Also, they already have a song named “Lost (Peace)” on their album “Grateful”, so why name the new album also as “Lost”. For me, that’s a warning sign. I could be very wrong, and Sony could actually bring some talent to Carpark’s team. But for now it seems unlikely that Sony will do any good for the band, other than the marketing funds.

  • Jon Solo

    Yes I too am worried about the “new” album. Being touted as an International Release, I am concerned it is a few rehashed remakes, and repackaging of older material in an attempt to reach a larger audience.

    AND…I see no release here in the US listed…disappointing again.

    As a footnote I was glad to see Mew hit a few venues over here late last year, though I was not too thrilled with their latest as well!


  • Ken Ley

    Hi Jon

    In a way it’s a bit misleading to call it ‘an international release’ if the US market is excepted, isn’t it?

    I too am glad Mew do great in America.


  • Kristina S

    I´m not worried at all. I think Just Human is much better than Human and I don´t think Carpark North would release music that they are not behind themselves. Go Carpark and good luck with your international release!

  • Mark

    The track list for LOST is:

    01: Lost (Peace) 4:11
    02: Just Human 2:31
    03: Subusual 4:29
    04: Transparent 3:40
    05: Leave My Place 4:31
    06: Save Me From Myself 4:13
    07: Beasts 0:33
    08: More 3:25
    09: Shall We Be Grateful 3:24
    10: Cancer 3:56
    11: Shutdown 4:11

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