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Experience folktronica with James Yuill

This is how the internet works, folks!

Imagine this is Sunday around 10am. The first cup of coffee is poured and one of your friends pokes you on Facebook.

“You’ve gotta hear this”, he writes and posts a URL for a video on YouTube. The story is that my friend follows one of the guys from Chemical Brothers on Twitter. He recommends the British shooting star James Yuill… And here we are.

James Yuill plays ‘No Surprise’.

James Yuill introduces the genre folktronica – at least to me. An obvious mix of the two genres ‘Electronica’ and ‘Folk’. And it really works. In fact I find it really, REALLY good.

The cockney British musician (born in 1981) recently signed a deal with MoshiMoshi Records, who also published the A-class swede ‘Lykke Li‘ and Danish ‘Blue Foundation‘ earlier on.

Having his single ‘This Sweet Love‘ chosen as Starbucks’ iTunes pick of the month, in November 2009, got him more exposed to a broader audience. And I feel really confident this marked a real breakthrough for the folktronic-boy-wonder.

The official video to James Yuill’s ‘This sweet love’.

AND ((drum roll)) – James Yuill obviously embraces Social Media. Visiting his website at you’re introduced to everything from his profiles on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter to his account on Flickr and YouTube and even his personal blog (and ‘yes’ it is WordPress). This rocks 100% and shows a modern artist offering a service to his dedicated fans, who in turn help spread the music and to share feel-good-feelings while listening to it.

The most excellent (and really non-medieval) feature on his site is the ‘Download Page’. Take a peak and tell me how you think established oldtimer record companies would think of this *lol*.

Screw the uptights – James, you’ve got yourself a new mega-fan in Denmark! Your openness will make me buy your stuff and come to your gigs.

(And by the way, I didn’t want to be a name-dropping-showoff. But my friend mentioned above is ‘Lars Krimi‘. Find him and his music on

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