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    In Jelling we are all Majesties

    As always there is an abundance of impressions left after Jelling Musikfestival. Marking the beginning of festival season in Denmark it draws a lot of attention. And as always far most fully acts live up to expectations - as do the festival itself. Even the heightened security measures this year did not impede the joy for the 35,000 guests. Bravo! However, one thing will stand out as the event we at the Latebarblog will remember the 2017 festival by.

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    Experience folktronica with James Yuill

    Electronica seems to importunately modulate into different genres of music and create something new. It usually happens when younger and daring artists challenge conventions and ... play for the sake of playing. James Yuill is exactly that - a daring and gifted young musician bringing electronica and folk together. Creating beautiful art!

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