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Sure Hurts (is) better than love

Outtakes from just one month of comments on YouTube.

“They so fucking blow me away, I can’t put it into words”

“Their music stirs my soul. I haven’t had that feeling since my younger days in the ’80s”

“Artistic, emotional, dark, hopeful, sends chills…brilliant ..//.. I’m 55, finally something I can listen to, think about, dance to. Fills my senses”

“I think you’ve achieved your goal! You both have indeed, created special music (and videos)!”

“‘Stay’ sounds INCREDIBLE!!! I’m so excited for this album, for this band”

Hurts | ‘Better Than Love’

Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson are the names of two of Britain’s most promising pop artists. Through the spring and summer of 2010, their two singles ‘Wonderful Life‘ and ‘Better than love‘ have oozed from my preferred web channels.

With a blessed sound of nostalgia, hope and party, the two Manchester lads have created a sustainable mix of Erasurean clarity and electronic sharpness with the emotional and musical depth of Tears for Fears. There’s a third element though, I can’t quite place (yet). But bottom line is -> It’s really, really good and catchy.

Hutchcraft and Anderson use a style called ‘Disco Lento‘ (slow disco) or ‘Lento Dolorso’ (slow and painful), which they – according to Danish magazine Gaffa – picked up on a trip to Italy. But connected to ’80s stars Alphaville, Gazebo and Berlin I think Hurts has a lot more than ‘Lento’ to offer.

If you want to know more about these swell guys, check out this series of interview videos from FaceCulture and make your own opinion.

FaceCulture interview with Theo and Adam (2011)

Hurts’ first album ‘Happiness‘ will be released on the 6th of September 2010 – I really can’t wait.

Until then there’s getting tickets for the present tour or:
Hurts on YouTube
Hurts on Facebook
Theo on Twitter

Thanks to Claus Holm for introducing me to ‘Hurts‘. And thanks to the fans for your comments/quotes on YouTube.

(Post updated in September 2020)

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