• Duran Duran - Future Past (press)
    Music - album

    The Future Past of Duran Duran

    The 15th installment by the British kings of pop, Duran Duran, once again underlines the four Brummies' importance to the British music industry. With a loyal anchor to its '80s original sound the quartet brings along several young artists to help point the brights forward - into the future. No other artists master that like Simon, Nick, John and Roger do. The album 'Future Past' is the sound of England 2021.

  • Toad the Wet Sprocket | Starting Now | 2021
    Music - album

    Starting Toad the Wet Sprocket Now

    New 2021-album by Toad the Wet Sprocket, reinstates the World-famous Californians among the absolute top outfits of alternative rock. 'Elegant' and 'soulful' and utterly well-written are among the many positive adjectives to label the versatile band's seventh studio album.

  • Thomas Bergesen © 2021 thomasbergersen.com
    Music - album

    Thomas Bergersen chasing humanity

    In 2020 Norwegian composer Thomas Bergersen embarked on an epic journey, exploring the nature of mankind and expressing the findings in music. The third installment of a planned 7-album marathon 'Humanity' just came out, and it is every bit as spellbinding as the first two

  • Nice Little Penguins | Beat Music vol. 2 | Photo by: Dorte Carita Jacobsen
    Music - album

    More Beat Music by Nice Little Penguins

    Reaching back to the very beginning and driving forward with full brights on. This is the 2021 album release by the Danish indie pop trio, Nice Little Penguins, in one sentence. Some 28 years after their debut album 'Beat Music', Bo Feierskov and the Kolster-brothers, Michael and Carsten, revive the title and release 'Beat Music vol.2' - in our opinion, the best since their 1993 debut.

  • Music - album,  Music - misc

    Latebar’s preferred new albums in 2020

    What a horrible year! What a horrible time for music, musicians and artists in general. So many events cancelled and so many albums delayed and their launches impeded. Luckily, most found a way through, and at Latebar we have been listening carefully all through the year and found a few publications worth promoting. So buckle up, Dorothy!

  • Fallulah | All My Eyes Are Open
    Music - album

    Fallulah with all eyes open

    In Denmark we are blessed to have a growing number of female musicians and songwriters able to reach international audiences. Currently, one of the most interesting to follow is Fallulah - an artist long used to the stage spotlight in Scandinavia. With her fourth studio album she underlines her unique sound and cements her place among the best Denmark has to offer.

  • Amy Macdonald - The Human Demands
    Music - album

    Human demands Amy Macdonald

    It is in the times of crisis people usually stop and reflect on life, what it has brought and where it is leading us. With her fifth studio album 'The Human Demands' Scottish singer-songwriter Amy Macdonald stops and contemplate her first 33 years - more than a third as a world-famous rock star. A bit young, you might say. We say 'not at all'.

  • Hurts | Faith
    Music - album

    Hurts have Faith in the Darkest Hour

    The British electro-pop outfit, Hurts, called the autumn 2020 by releasing their fifth studio album. The album is called 'Faith', and in its essence this is what its all about. 11 spectacular tracks – all circling in the area between isolation and depression and the sincere hope of spring and light at the end. At Latebar we like this – a lot in fact. And here is why.

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