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It amazes me sometimes that even intelligent people will analyze a situation or make a judgement after only recognizing the standard or traditional structure of a piece.

David Bowie, singer-songwriter

This quote startled me. I’m a journalist and I surely fall into this pit ever so often. No full and entire truth about anything can fit in the columns of a newspaper. Most journalists know this. There’s always more to an event or a piece of art that what is told by one person. I’m not sure – but I guess – that’s the essence of the quote made by David Bowie.

This blog is not meant to be just another reviewing-stuff-blog. It’s about experiencing art – especially music. Nothing more! I personally write what I see, hear and feel in the context of my life, and hope the enthusiasm shines through and spawn some seeds in your mind, that you want to share too.

You are more than welcome to enrich my experiences with yours.

Cut to short -> This blog is about sharing the experiences to make them bigger, wider and better.

“Only by knowing and understanding your experiences, can I qualify my own”

The name ‘The Latebar‘ is humbly borrowed from the 1981 debutsingle ‘Planet Earth‘ by brummies wonderboys Duran Duran. The hit single’s b-side featured what to most duranies is a cult classic – ‘Latebar’.

In 2012 Anne Mette joined me writing blogs on Latebar. She is utterly superior to me when it comes to lyrics and text in general. So keep an eye (or ear) out!

The 1981 cult classic ‘Latebar’ as performed in 2009 at Sky Arts in London by Duran Duran.

Welcome to the bar!

Kenneth Ley Milling
journalist & blogger

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