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DR Unga Bunga – Indie/electro web radio

Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) is the danish counterpart to BBC. Giving the Danes all sorts of public service TV and Radio… and then some. In the past couple of years DR has offered its listeners several radio channels online. Each one with a different theme – from childrens radio to country/western.

One that falls in a particularly noticable category is the channel ‘DR Unga Bunga‘. A peculiar mix of indie, electronica and techpop with harmony and melody as core. But the real cool thing is that it mixes known artists with some unfamiliar to most.

While researching a little and writing this post I have heard:

Gorillaz – ‘On Melancholy Hill’
David Bowie – ‘Changes’
Chemical Brothers – ‘Swoon’

In between the megastar-names AS cool pieces like:

Filthy Dukes – ‘Messages’
Primary 1 – ‘The Blues’ (feat. gorgeous Nina Persson)
Giana Factory – ‘Rainbow Girl’

… appears.

DR Unga Bunga
Screen from DR Unga Bunga.

DR Unga Bunga is the natural alternative to in the sense, that it presents new artists to me. As DR writes in their own presentation: “DR Unga Bunga is for the curious ear”. And it surely is interesting. Before today I had never heard of ‘Giana Factory’ or ‘Filthy Dukes’ – Both really catchy projects.

Latebar hereby recommends DR Unga Bunga to everyone. I’m sure the more web savvy user might be able to pull the feed into their own websites et cetera.

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