• Nice Little Penguins | Beat Music vol. 2 | Photo by: Dorte Carita Jacobsen
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    More Beat Music by Nice Little Penguins

    Reaching back to the very beginning and driving forward with full brights on. This is the 2021 album release by the Danish indie pop trio, Nice Little Penguins, in one sentence. Some 28 years after their debut album 'Beat Music', Bo Feierskov and the Kolster-brothers, Michael and Carsten, revive the title and release 'Beat Music vol.2' - in our opinion, the best since their 1993 debut.

  • Music - album

    Alarmingly Happy Penguins back to base

    Danish pop veterans Nice Little Penguins are back - arguably better than ever. Cutting straight to the chase - here is why Latebar is thrilled to recommend the band's sixth studio album 'Alarmingly Happy' to fans worldwide. A publication surely aimed at people with a weak spot for immaculate pop played with real instruments by real musicians.

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